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French-born Jérôme Grimonpon has come to Belgium once its vocational training in “Pâtisserie” completed.

In Brussels, he studied chocolate art and crafts, what would turn into a real passion. 

After having worked for Mary Chocolaterie for 16 years, 7 of which as head of production, he then decided to stand on his own two feets and launched his own brand by taking over the former Aztèque Chocolaterie.


2012: Belgium's Best Artisan Chocolate Maker.

2014: Starting up of the Jérôme Grimonpon Chocolatier brand.

2015: Best Praline Silver Medal and Best Flavour Winner Chocolaterie Awards.

2016: International Chocolate Awards Silver and Bronze Medal

2017: International Chocolate Awards Silver Medal

My motto: Sharing my passion through chocolate creations, and making you discover the true traditional taste of chocolate.