About us

Our History

After two years of vocationnal training in Patisserie at the training center for apprentices of Indre et Loire Chamber of Trades and Crafts, my wish to develop my skills has led me to Belgium where I've come to study chocolate. An interest which has quickly turned into passion.

  • 1995: Arrival in Belgium, training in chocolate making and confectionery at the INFOBO, and traineeship at "Jamart" chocolaterie.
  • 1997: Chocolate and Confectionery Business Manager courses at the INFOBO, and traineeship at "Jamart" chocolaterie.
  • 1999: Firts steps as chocolate worker by "Mary Chocolaterie".
  • 2006: Appointment as head of production by "Mary Chocolaterie". 
  • 2011: Alongside this responsible position, I take up teaching and became trainer at the EFP (formerly INFOBO).
  • 2012: Crowning point of my career as I compete for and win Belgium's Best Artisan Chocolate Maker Award.
  • 2013: I decide to create my own business by taking over the former Aztèque Chocolaterie in order to share my passion for chocolate, and delight your taste buds with new chocolate tastes and creations.


  • Chef chocolatier and chocolate shop manager: Jérôme Grimonpon
  • Salesperson: Tania
  • ...